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And now for the stuff that would upset our lawyer if we didn’t mention it…

Ambassador Terms and Conditions

• Atomic Fitness is a brand owned and operated by Digital World LLC. For these terms and conditions, the terms “the company”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “Digital World”, and “Atomic Fitness” will all be assumed to be referring to Digital World LLC.
• “Ambassador” or “Affiliate” refers to a person or organization who engages in an affiliate marketing partnership with Atomic Fitness.
• Affiliate marketers will be paid via PayPal through the 3rd party app Refersion unless otherwise agreed upon by the affiliate and the company. Unless otherwise agreed upon, affiliates will only be paid if their affiliate account has a PayPal account linked to it.
• If a customer arrives at through an affiliate link and has previously clicked on another affiliate link, only the affiliate that owns the link most recently clicked on will receive the commission for any resulting sale. If a customer arrives at through an affiliate link and then proceeds to use an affiliate promotional code upon making a purchase, only the promotional code commission will be honored.
• The affiliate gives Atomic Fitness free and clear permission to use any photo that is posted on any online platform which either was posted for the purpose of marketing Atomic Fitness or contains an item given or sold to the affiliate by Atomic Fitness. Atomic Fitness is not required to notify the affiliate that any images have been obtained or are being used.
• If an Affiliate receives a commission for a product which is later returned, Atomic Fitness may deduct the commission of the returned item from the affiliate’s total commission earnings.
• Atomic Fitness reserves the right to change commission rates at any time without prior notice unless otherwise agreed upon.

By signing up as an Ambassador or Affiliate with Atomic Fitness, the Ambassador agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

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