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Lotus Flower Yoga Pants

$19.99 $24.99

Perfect for yoga on a warm day or just to lounge in, Lotus Flower Yoga Pants are made light and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable.

       Light polyester material to wick away moisture

       Smooth fabric lays comfortably on your skin

       Breathable microfiber keeps you cool, when the workout heats up.

       Durable build great for the streets, the studio, or the gym

The meaning: Lotus flowers are unique. Not only does this delicate flower radiate exuberant beauty, but it does so through the toughest of circumstances. The flower's life starts beneath mud and water, an environment where most seeds wouldn't survive. But despite these conditions it manages to rise above and bloom into one of the most beloved objects in nature. Every night, the lotus closes up and tucks back beneath the mud, only to again emerge and bloom the next day as beautiful and strong as ever. It's known around the world as a symbol of rebirth and perseverance. 

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